The 3 best desert temple seeds for minecraft 1.14

#1: Desert temple attached to pillager outpost Seed: -1119120068 You spawn in the middle of a large desert. Not far away from your spawn point is a desert pyramid, right next to a pillager outpost! So, be extra careful when you try…

Redstone for beginners: how to make a lever lock

lever lock

In the previous Redstone for beginners tutorial we’ve covered the piston door. But why not lock your room with a passcode? There are many ways in which you can create a passcode for your door, in this tutorial we’ll focus on the lever lock.

Redstone for beginners: how to make a small piston door

piston door cave

Piston doors are probably one of the most popular redstone contraptions. You can make them small and simple, but you can also expand them so you get enormous piston doors. In this post we’ll cover two easy doors: the 1 by 2 and the 2 by 2 door.