The 3 best jungle temple seeds for minecraft 1.14

jungle temple

#1: Jungle temple with pillager outpost nearby Seed: 2029492581 After generating the world, you spawn right next to a jungle temple (pyramid)! That is a pretty awesome spawn I think. But that wasn’t even everything: there’s more. There also is a pillager…

Redstone for beginners: how to make a small piston door

piston door cave

Piston doors are probably one of the most popular redstone contraptions. You can make them small and simple, but you can also expand them so you get enormous piston doors. In this post we’ll cover two easy doors: the 1 by 2 and the 2 by 2 door.

Minecraft XP Guide for 1.14 | How to quickly get experience and how it’s used

Want to level up your block-building experience? Our Minecraft XP guide is here to help you out! Whether you’re looking to make some powerful enchantments or simply keep your high-quality items repaired, we have all the details you need to know to keep things running smoothly!

What will be new in Minecraft 1.14?

Minecraft 1.14 is the new update for Minecraft Java Edition, with a planned release date at the beginning of 2019. It will mainly focus on villages, but it will also add a bunch of other cool stuff to the game. Curious? Keep…