What will be new in Minecraft 1.14?

Minecraft 1.14 is the new update for Minecraft Java Edition, with a planned release date at the beginning of 2019. It will mainly focus on villages, but it will also add a bunch of other cool stuff to the game. Curious? Keep reading to find out!

official logo for the Village & Pillage update

Villages & Villagers

The feature this update mainly focuses on redesigning villages. Villages now look much fancier and they fit the biome they’re in perfectly. This is how a few of the new villages will be looking like after the update.

desert village
plains village
savanna village
snowy tundra village

Not only the villages will get an update, the villagers within them too. Villagers will be completely redesigned. Villagers will be looking differently in different biome villages: in plains, desert, savanna, taiga, snowy tundra, jungle and swamp biomes. Also, each villager’s profession will be getting a unique skin. Villagers will get different badges, which indicate their profession levels, ranging from stone (level 1) to a shiny diamond badge (level 5).

All plains biome variant professions, corresponding to their different utility blocks.

New bamboo biome

With the 1.14 update also comes a brand new biome: the bamboo jungle biome. This is basically a jungle, but then with bamboo plants scattered all over it. Pandas also spawn here in groups of one or two (make sure you also read our article about pandas!). This brings us to one of the many new blocks in the update: bamboo! This new plant is now the fastest growing plant in the game, and it also grows very high.

a bamboo jungle hills biome

Bamboo can be used with one string to craft six of the brand new scaffolding blocks. These blocks can come in handy when you’re building something up in the sky. Here’s how they work: you build up to the place where you wanna build, like you’d normally do, and when you’re done, just go down to the bottom of the scaffolding and break the bottom block. Now everything above it will break as well, and you have just saved yourself a lot of time.

a scaffolding tower: you just have to break the bottom block and it all comes down


Another very cool feature in the new update is the addition of crossbows. This ranged weapon can be made by putting three sticks, one iron, two strings and one tripwire hook together in a crafting table. You can compare them to a regular, old-school bow, but the crossbow is slightly more powerful, making it shoot further. They also take longer to charge. After being charged, the arrow is stored in the crossbow and it can be shot whenever the player likes.

a player charging and firing their crossbow

Arrows are not the only things you can shoot with your crossbow: firework rockets can be launched into the air as well! Just hold the firework in your offhand and then charge the crossbow, and done.

This new ranged weapon comes with three new enchantments: Quick Charge: this decreases the time it takes to load the crossbow. Multishot: instead of firing just one single arrow or firework rocket (boring..), your crossbow now fires three at once! And then, last but not least, we have the Piercing enchantment: this makes the crossbow even stronger: it will shoot one single arrow through multiple enemies! Note: the multishot and piercing enchantments cannot be used on the same crossbow.


Pillagers themselves of course also come with the Village & Pillage update. Pillagers spawn naturally around the so called ‘Pillager outposts’. They’re always holding a crossbow, ready to strike when a player comes too close. Pillagers also spawn in patrol groups with a maximum of five pillagers. These patrol groups can also contain vindicators (oof), which makes them even harder to defeat. The patrol groups always have one ‘leader’: you can identify him because he has an illager banner on his head. So, killing the patrol captain may give you a fancy new banner.

a pillager outpost in a taiga biome, pillager outposts always spawn various smaller buildings around them
an illager patrol with a pillager on an illager beast as captain

Pillagers can also ride illager beasts, as you can see in the image above. These enormous creatures are something you should watch out for: they have 100 HP (50 hearts) and an attack strength of 12 (6 hearts). They also have 50% knockback resistance and they can roar: this deals up to 6 damage to the player. Illager beasts spawn in ‘illager raids’: this is triggered once a player inflicted with the Bad Omen effect enters a village.

More features

There are many more new features, but this post would be way too long if I had to list them all. A full list of all additions and changes made in this update can be found on the Minecraft Wiki. This also includes the new cats, so make sure to take a look!

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