The 3 best desert temple seeds for minecraft 1.14

#1: Desert temple attached to pillager outpost

Seed: -1119120068

You spawn in the middle of a large desert. Not far away from your spawn point is a desert pyramid, right next to a pillager outpost! So, be extra careful when you try to loot the pyramid, because it’s heavily guarded. See the coordinates below:

  • x: 90, z: 186 desert temple

#2: Desert temple, mine shaft and pillager outpost

Seed: -564777109545254

When you spawn, the first thing you’ll notice is that you’ve spawned close to a pillager outpost. If I were you, I wouldn’t go in there right away, I’d go to some villages and the desert temple (a couple of hundreds of blocks away). You could remember the coordinates of the pillager outpost and come back later. There’s one more thing you could have easily missed on your own: there’s a mine shaft less than a hundred blocks away from the desert temple. Cautious though, it could house some spawners! See the coordinates below:

  • x: 272, z: 144 pillager outpost
  • x: -320, z: -208 mine shaft
  • x: -384, z: -208 desert temple
  • x: 48, z: 96 savanna village

#3: Desert temple, jungle pyramid and mesa biomes

Seed: -2043652089

You spawn at a beautiful spot for a house: there are multiple biomes in view. There’s a savanna biome, a dark oak forest, a birch forest, a mesa biome nearby. There are also a jungle biome and a desert biome close to spawn, although you can’t see them right away. They house a jungle pyramid and a desert temple, respectively. Beautiful! There’s also a mine shaft less than 100 blocks away from spawn. The coordinates:

  • x: -880, z: 16 desert temple
  • x: 208, z: 336 jungle pyramid
  • x: -176, z: 256 mine shaft

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