Main changes in 1.14.4 pre-release 1

A new snapshot of 1.14.4 came out today (July 3rd). The update mainly focuses on bug fixes. What are the main fixes implemented in this snapshot?

  • Suspicious stew made from poppies now gives you night vision instead of speed
bug fixes
  • MC-100946 – Bow with mending undraws when receiving XP while drawed: this one was pretty old already. This was really annoying, glad it has been fixed.
  • MC-113968 – Zombies of village siege spawn despite gamerule doMobSpawning being false.
  • MC-143886 – Acacia leaves render improprly from a distance.
  • MC-146289 – Farmer villagers don’t stop to pick up their crops.
  • MC-147844 – Pillagers don’t pathfind around obstacles & out of water.
  • MC-152094 – End city/end ship generation gets cut at chunk borders sometimes.
  • MC-152636 – Killing a zombie right as it converts into a Drowned will drop the loot from zombie while still converting into a Drowned.
  • MC-153712 – Java using 100-200% CPU (MacOS).
  • MC-153766 – Rabbits no longer need sand/grass in order to spawn in deserts/tundras.
  • MC-153892 – Mending slows down breaking blocks, kind of relates to the first one.
  • MC-154019 – Beacon deactivate sound not sounds when you break the base.
  • MC-154031 – villagers give away all food if they want to share it.
  • MC-154068 – parrots occasionally disappearing when you take them from a boat
  • MC-154201 – Trying to trade with villager immediately closes trading menu for some villagers.
  • MC-154362 – Crossbow has to re-load when mending takes place. Also relatable to the breaking blocks while tools are being mended, and the bow re-charging.
  • MC-154668 – Invalid characters crash the game in jigsaw block input upon pressing enter.
  • MC-154830 – All wall signs use oak color on maps.
  • MC-155092 – Zombie sieges can happen on mushroom islands.
  • MC-155571 – Silverfish & Endermite spawners no longer functioning.
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