Everything you need to know about bees in Minecraft

A few days ago a new snapshot was released (19w34a), in which bees were added! In this post we’ll go over everything you need to know about this amazing new mob.

Where do bees live?

Bees live in bee hives or bee nests (which also got added in this snapshot). Bee nests spawn naturally in flower forests, plains and sunflower plains biomes. Bee hives are crafted by the player using planks and honeycombs (recipe further down). Bees like hives and nests equally.

What is their use?

Bees produce honey! They collect pollen from flowers they fly to from the bee nest or hive. After collecting, they fly back home to produce honey. Bee hives and nests have a limit of five honey, after that you have to collect it with shears or a bottle.

When bees have collected pollen, they’re ‘pollinated’. They can then fly over crops and pollinate them, making the crop grow more quickly. Quite handy!

Using shears on a full bee hive or nest will give you honeycombs which can be used to craft bee hives. Using an empty glass bottle will give you a bottle of honey, which can be used to craft sugar.

The recipe to craft a bee hive

Are bees aggressive?

Yes, but only if you make them aggressive. If one individual bee is attacked or when you destroy a nest or hive, all nearby bees will get aggressive (making their eyes turn red). They’ll swarm you and sting you, giving you the poison effect for a few seconds. After losing their stingers, bees will die within a minute, much like in real life.

Collecting a honeycomb or honey bottle from a nest or hive will make all bees inside come out and swarm you. You can prevent this from happening by placing a campfire below the hive.

A bee hive from which you can safely remove honey

Can you breed bees?

Yes! Bees can be bred by using flowers on them. Adult bees have a 5 minute cooldown before they are able to breed again. They will also follow you when you’re holding a flower.

A baby bee will take exactly 20 minutes to grow up. This time can be reduced by 10% by feeding them a flower.

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