Minecraft color codes

Minecraft has some color codes built-in, which you can use in commands, chat and messages of the day (MOTD, for servers).

Below are two tables that contain all the available color codes you can use, along with minecraft’s formatting codes. Using formatting codes, you can make text look bold, italic, strikethrough, underlined and obfuscated.

Color codes

color namechat color codeMOTD color code
“dark_aqua” §3\u00A73

Formatting codes

previewchat formatting codeMOTD formatting code
(obfuscated) yeeeet§k\u00A7k
reset formatting/color§r\u00A7r


Here are some examples to show how the coloring and formatting works. If you have any questions, make sure to ask them in the comments. I’ll try to answer all of them as soon as possible.

§4§oItalic, §r§4§lbold, §r§4§mstrike, §r§4§nunderline, §r§4§kobfuscated, §r§4clean

§4§oi§ct§6a§el§2i§ac §br§3a§1i§9n§db§5o§8w §r§7§lb§eo§2l§ad §br§3a§1i§9n§db§5o§8w

§4§oi§c§ot§6§oa§e§ol§2§oi§a§oc §b§or§3§oa§1§oi§9§on§d§ob§5§oo§8§ow §r§7§lb§e§lo§2§ll§a§ld §b§lr§3§la§1§li§9§ln§d§lb§5§lo§8§lw
Italic, bold, strike, underline, obfuscated, clean

italic rainbow bold rainbow

italic rainbow bold rainbow

Cheat sheet

Make sure to download the cheat sheet image below! “<color>” can either be “§” in commands or in the chat, or “\u00A7” in a message of the day.

color codes cheat sheet

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